Family Nutrition Center of  South Florida

What to expect at your nutrition appointment:

Our Dietitians/Nutritionists  (RDN's) are licensed health professionals who will evaluate your medical history, medications, dietary patterns, lab results and current health, weight, and body composition. Be prepared to  answer questions regarding your activity patterns, lifestyle, culture as it relates to nutrition and your health status.  

After spending time getting to know you and your medical history our RDN's will develop a personalized medical science based nutrition plan based that is designed for you alone.  As licensed health professionals our staff only believes in evidenced based science not FAD DIETS!  That is what sets us apart from "self proclaimed nutrition coaches." We know Nutrition is a science, Nutrition is not a fad or a way for celebrities to sell books! Our education, training and knowledge will help you achieve success in changing your health through nutrition!

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​Family Nutrition Center of South Florida participates with many insurance plans. Please call our office to inquire if your insurance plan covers nutrition counseling! Main office number ​954-360-7883 Main office Fax: 954-360-7884

Initial Appointment - Individual Consultation: 

The first appointment takes 45 minutes

Weight and height measurements are obtained at time of visit if applicable. Evaluation of medical history, lab data if applicable, and 3 day intake record. Medical Nutrition Therapy plan will be developed. Goal setting, and nutrition education provided. We specialize in making your nutrition plan easy!

Follow-up appointments are 20-30 minutes in duration.

Evaluation of progress with revision of nutrition plan and ongoing teaching.